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Our Incredible 6-D Process

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Behind every great phenomenon, is a great process. Our unique 6D process defies all odds to turn ideas into possibilities, and possibilities into reality. Our 6D Process – Discovery, Design, Development, Delivery, Digital and Distribution ensures we turn your imagination into a tangible, one-of-a-kind creation. Find out more about each of our 6Ds and how they help us create our products from start to finish.


This is the initial and vital step in our process. We dedicate ourselves to hearing our customers, comprehending their objectives, intended audience, and financial resources to find the perfect solution. Through design thinking, we value your input to shape product concepts.


Our team, consisting of researchers, designers, and industrial engineers, diligently explores fresh and inventive product concepts to meet our customers’ demands. We possess the ability to customize and personalize products according to individual preferences.


During this stage, we transform the approved idea into reality by either sourcing or manufacturing the end product through a rigorous quality assessment process. What sets us apart and delights our customers is the ability to trace their product back to the factory.


Shop easily for company-branded merchandise and track spending trends with our e-commerce stores. Find trendy gifts and promo items personalized with your logo and manage purchases effortlessly. Get detailed reports for informed decisions, budget optimization, and maximizing ROI. Enjoy a streamlined, data-driven shopping experience for employees and customers. Shop now!


From storage to delivery, our warehousing, kitting, fulfillment, and inventory management services ensure that your products are efficiently managed and shipped to your customers with speed and accuracy. We use advanced technology and customized solutions to optimize your supply chain, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction.


During the last phase, our focus shifts to ensuring timely product delivery. We strive to minimize any unexpected issues or obstacles that may arise at the last moment. We strongly believe in aligning our customers’ expectations with our own.

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