Holiday gifting ideas from Y-Not Design

Holiday gifting ideas from Y-Not Design

This is the time of the year when businesses look for innovative holiday gifting ideas for their employees, valued clients, and corporate holiday get-togethers. Thinking of presenting your clients with amazing gifts by subtly Finding out how to innovatively brand your business and show to clients that you care? Get ready to get a lot of “thank you” notes from them.


Here is a list of a few holiday gifting ideas from Y-Not Design.

1. Custom Fleece Blanket

Comfortable and warm holidays are loved by all. These Custom Fleece Blankets are perfectly made for gifting your clients as they snuggle into the warmth of comfort. The lightweight quality of these blankets makes them easy to carry and store.

2. Tote bag

Beautifully designed custom-made bags that are imprinted with your brand logo is a go-to giveaway. For clients who travel frequently, Tote Bags can be god send as they can use them immediately. Give your twists by adding unique design, fabric or by simply making them waterproof.

3. Jewelry Box

The holiday is here for you to send your clients a custom Jewelry Box with a handwritten or personalized message. Tell them how much doing business with them means to you. Gift them beautifully designed handcrafted Jewelry Boxes that they are going to keep forever.

4. Ceramic Mug

Know that your customers love coffee and tea? These Ceramic Mugs love to make their room effortlessly as they subtly highlight your logo. They for sure think of your brand every time they enjoy their favorite beverage.

5. Reverse Umbrella

Innovative gifts can never be forgotten as they showcase a gesture of goodwill. A perfect giveaway for those love to carry stylish and creative umbrellas. What’s more interesting? The contemporary designed reverse umbrella keeps it dry with no drips of rain on the floor.

6. U-Shaped Crystal Glass Wine Carafe

Engraved with your logo, these Wine Carafes are great for indoor and outdoor get-togethers. Adding a zest of style to the décor, these handmade carafes are a wonderful holiday gift that surely gets welcomed by true wine connoisseurs.

7. Flameless Mini Melted Drip Wax Candles

Custom designed to look like realistic candles, these Flameless Candles avoid all the risks of fire and is safe to use around children and pets. Go for a design of your choice and make these candles irresistible for your clients to lit them up for every special occasion.

For an unforgettable holiday season, get your clients the best of wishes with these tantalizing gifts that cannot resist. Give them a taste of original artwork by designing the gifts personalized by you that are exclusively made for them.

So, which gifting idea is your favorite? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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